Gift certificates & coupons are a great way to reach out to potential clients and promote your business. Combining a gift certificate into a giveaway at an event or trade show is an excellent way to make new customers and create a buzz around your brand.

other marketing ideas for gift certificates:

Add Gift Certificates for Customer Loyalty

A lot of retailers neglect customer loyalty. Gift certificates are a special way to show customers you appreciate their business, and they encourage the customer to come back for repeat business.

Using Gift Certificates Instead of Coupons

Instead of offering coupons or discounts, offer gift certificates. For example, when a customer spends $100, he can automatically qualify for a specific amount that he can either use on the same purchase or save for later. By offering unexpected discounts, you encourage repeat business.

It’s always important to plan ahead when hosting a gift card promotion. Regardless of the time of the year, there is always time for a gift certificate promotion.