Rack cards are a hybrid of a brochure and a business card. Much like the brochure, rack cards are comparable in size, but are only two-sided with the same weight and sturdiness of a business card.

To make their use more effective, you should have an understanding of your ideal client and a strategic plan that connects to your overall business goals and marketing plan.

Marketing materials can be an important part of your business.

Marketing materials are simple items you can hand out such as brochures and flyers that promote your business. They are important offline because they can be passed on to others in your local area. It helps people wanting to make a referral properly express what it is you do.

Include enough information to point out who your target market is and the solutions you provide for them. All documents should include your business name, tagline, contact information, and a logo in colors that appeal to your ideal client. Always link to your website and have a call to action.

The way and manner you distribute your materials is important to your brand also. How they are handed out is representative of your business. For example, do not put flyers on car windows in a parking lot. Always consider how your ideal client would regard your distribution tactics. Always be strategic about how you will use your marketing materials.

ideas for using rack cards:

  • Use rack cards as an event program on one side and simple information about your business on the other side. They can be used as a sponsor item for someone else’s event.
  • Rack cards can be used as a menu, or a sponsored menu, for a brunch, luncheon, or dinner.
  • Rack cards can be used as a simple tips guide along with your contact information and links to your business. For some of our tech clients, we have created a list of computer short-codes on one side and information about their services on the other side. This makes the card both useful and informative to the consumer.
  • Introduce your business by creating a short list of problems your ideal client might face on one side and then using the other side for a short list of solutions your business provides for those problems.
  • Promote a product by adding an image, product description, features, and benefits with a link to your web URL.
  • Detail each of your services on a rack card for your vendor table.
  • Create a menu of your services.

Rack cards are a simple, cost-effective way to supply more information than a business card and make a positive impact on your company’s marketing strategy.