With all the emphasis on digital marketing these days, a printed piece can be a huge asset to your marketing plan. Postcards are a simple, low-cost sales tool that can pack a powerful punch for millions of small and local businesses. Even big companies and major universities are using colorful and often over-sized postcards to push their products, services, offers and brands.

The postcard has taken on new prominence as a kind of “anti-digital” agent.  People are paying more attention than ever to postcards they receive in the mail and are responding to offers at high rates.  Postcards have a higher “read rate” than other direct mail because they are easier to read at a glance with no envelope to open.

You can quickly create a postcard campaign without a big investment in time or money.

10 ways to get the most from a postcard marketing effort:

  1. Plan ahead and create a specific purpose for your postcard campaign – as big an idea as possible to grab people’s attention. Build value into your message and don’t be boring.
  2. Postcards should be eye-catching, so be sure to include high-quality photos or other striking images, graphics and colors.
  3. Postcards can say a lot – especially the over-sized variety – but keep your message concise. The average consumer will not spend the time to read paragraph after paragraph.
  4. Short, bold headlines work best. Avoid jumbled information. Postcards work best for short messages and for generating leads (not closing sales). Don’t try to explain everything, and be sure to include multiple ways to contact you.
  5. Postcards are great for carrying timely messages, so think in timely terms. For example, postcards can convey messages, offers with a deadline or customer reminders (Your service contract expires in 30 days!”).
  6. There are two sides to every postcard, so make the most of them both. The non-address side should have the biggest, boldest photos and colors. Think of it as a poster. The other side should carry your offer, contact information and other details.
  7. Think multi-faceted.  Postcards can be used for many purposes, including reminders, gift certificates, coupons, new product announcements, openings, discounts and even as tickets.
  8. Jumbo cards – often 8.5 x5.5 – stand out in the mail and are a great choice. They also give you more ways to include photos, coupons and even a map to your location.
  9. Encourage quick action. Give customers a good reason to act now, perhaps a fast action bonus with a deadline.

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